23 years old.

Cornerstone University Alumna.

B.A. in Communication and Creative Writing.

Kim Tree

Everyone always talks about how college is the best four years of your life.

Well, they’re right. But they’re also the hardest.

College is a time of transition:

  • from dependent to independent
  • from home to school (over and over again)
  • from one friendship to another
  • from entry-level job to entry-level job (anything to help pay tuition)

And even after college. How do I become an adult? Like, a real one?

These transitions are hard. But they’re also good, because they help us grow.

Follow along as I dive headfirst into relationships, a professional career, and becoming an adult (kind of?).

It’s not easy, but when we walk this life together, the light seems just a little bit brighter.

Worth noting: all images used in this blog are either my own or borrowed from unsplash.com with permission from the owner.