No words.

No thoughts.

Just static.

A constant buzzing,


that echoes,

fills my head.

My heart is lead,

So many things unsaid.

My spirit-


It’s too loud,

Yet all I can do

is scream, shout,

add to the noise

in hopes that


will drown out

the static.

I’m stuck,

eyes trained forward.

I don’t see anything,

there’s nothing there,

yet I can’t look away

stuck stuck stuck

in the static.

How was I

to know

it could get better?

How was I

to know

that it didn’t

have to be


that I didn’t

have to be

stuck stuck stuck

One call,

one conversation,

one pill

once a day

and the static

goes away.

I can breathe.

I can see.

I can be.


did I wait

so long

to be



did I wait

so long

to claim

the day?

One step

toward better

One step

toward grace

One step


to a better place.

It’s not forever,

and it may not last,

but from now on,

the past

stays in the past.

I hope you enjoyed this bonus post. I talk more about this here, but I wrote this poem tonight to process my experience with ADHD medication, and I wanted to share it with you. You can read more about my journey with medication here and in later posts.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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