Your Day is Not Doomed

I have no idea if this is an ADHD thing or just a Kim thing, but everyday I wake up in a different mood. I have no idea what effects these moods. Sometimes I wake up with more energy than a preschool classroom, but other days I wake up and find myself glued to bed, dreading the fact that I have to face the day.

These moods are probably somewhat effected by how much sleep I get and when I wake up, but I doubt that is the sole cause.

Rergardless of the cause, these moods often shape the course of my day. If I wake up in a “good” mood, then I am energetic and productive. I find that I am able to accomplish many tasks and I find genuine joy in doing so. I am bubbly and lively throughout the day.

On the days I wake up in a “bad” mood, however, not only is it challenging for me to get out of bed, but I feel lethargic and unmotivated. It is difficult for me to focus, and often a simple task, like sending an email, feels overwhelming and impossible. On these days, I typically spend most of my time gaming or watching Youtube videos.

It has always been a mystery on why these moods surface and why they impact me the way they do. Over time, I have learned that there are certain steps that I can take to alter these moods.

If I am feeling out of it and am having a hard time focusing, it could be because I am feeling lonely. I may dread going to work on days like this, but I often feel better once I am surrounded by others, and often leave my work shift feeling incredibly energized.

On the days where I wake up in a good mood, often times a lack of socialization or productivity can allow me to slip into a sour mood.

Though I know my actions can affect these moods, sometimes I still choose to not act upon them, since it requires a hefty amount of effort. It’s hard to make those changes.

Sunday morning was especially difficult. I woke up and was immediately blasted with the news of the riots that had taken place in downtown Grand Rapids the prior evening, following the death of George Floyd (which also was weighing very much on my heart). I felt immediately heavy. Not only was I filled with grief at the devastation of the city, but also with fear. I live only a few minutes from downtown. I had never been so close to anything like that before.

What if the riots continued? What if they spread to my neighborhood? I couldn’t shake the feeling all morning. I had planned to get some work done, but my heart was so heavy and I couldn’t focus.

I wasn’t sure how to deal with the severe emotions I was feeling, so I instead tried to distract myself. I turned on some music. I browsed the internet. I played some games. But it wasn’t helping. I still felt heavy.

This mood worsened when I saw the article about the curfew Grand Rapids was enforcing for the next few days. While I hadn’t planned to be out past that time anyway, my whole body shook with the severity of the situation.

I wasn’t okay.

While I was attempting to get some work done, my mom called. We talked briefly, and I was able to share some of my feelings about what was going on, instead of just burrowing them down.

Surprisingly, I began to feel better. Once I had gotten them off my chest and socialized a little bit, my spirits began to lift. I was able to focus more on my work and I could feel my energy returning. The rest of the evening went by much better.

I think we often forget that, to an extent, we control how we feel.

Some days suck. Sometimes wretched things happen. Perhaps the morning doesn’t go how you anticipated. Perhaps a storm hits on your hiking day. You get a text with some bad news, or you experience some tension with a family member.

But this is just one event, and it doesn’t have to determine the outcome of the rest of your day.

Your day is not doomed.

On the days where I wake up in a funky mood, there are steps that I can take to help pull myself out of it. They are challenging steps. Often they require more effort then I think I can manage.

But when I do press forward and take these steps, often times my day improves.

It can be hard to not allow one part of the day to dictate the rest. Some days are just crummy. But not everyday that starts out that way has to end that way.

The storm ends eventually. But if I spend my time frustrated about my plans that the storm ruined, then I miss the opportunities it brings. I can still go outside and splash in the puddles. I no longer have to water my garden. The air is much cooler now, so I can sleep comfortably.

Some days suck, and there is nothing we can do about it. I get that.

But some days start out sucky, but they don’t have to end that way.

I believe there is a little good on even the worst days. It can he hard to find, but the more you look for it, the easier it becomes to see.

Your day is not doomed.

Do you also struggle with these moods?

What is a step you can implement to help the bad days seem a little brighter?


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