Selecting the Graduated Plan

I didn’t want to come back home.

Following my graduation from Cornerstone University in May 2019, I was ready to move out. I’d stay in Grand Rapids and start working full time. I’d start living with friends, join civic theatre, and only come home on occasion.

But as the end of the second semester began creeping closer, I realized that my ducks weren’t quite in a row. Even worse—I didn’t have any ducks. I had very little in savings (thanks to tuition), I had no job lined up, I had no place to live, no vehicle, nothing that was keeping me in Grand Rapids.

Aside from my stubbornness, that is.

All the signs were telling me to go back home for the summer, so, on graduation day, after I said my farewells to friends and professors, we loaded up the minivan and drove the 45 minutes back home.

Summer began very quickly. I went back to work immediately, continuing at the two jobs I had in town. I worked on cleaning around the house. I reorganized my room. I spent time with family and friends. I told myself to write and then ignored my writing. (More on that to come later.) I designed new houses on the Sims 4. I quit one of my jobs. I set up payment plans for my student loans. I applied for jobs. I taught myself how to french braid. I stayed busy.

Then July 12th came. I was at work. A regular customer came in and began a conversation with my coworker. After hearing from her some of the tensions at work, he turned to me and offered me a job.

Yes, you read that right.

I had not said anything to him about my current situation or that I was moving at the end of August or my past work history. But he told me there was an opening at his company, and he thought I would be a good fit. He said there was no pressure whatsoever, but that he would just send me an email with the job description in case I was interested.

I was interested.

I explained, however, that I had plans to move to Grand Rapids at the end of August. He then told me that, because of the nature of the job, making phone calls and the like, that it could be done remotely.

I was sold.

I received an email from him the following Monday, came in for an interview that Thursday and formally accepted the job the Monday after. I start officially on the fifth of August. I will then have a little less than a month of on-site training before I move to Grand Rapids and work remotely.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s actually an answer to prayer.

I mentioned before that my savings account was pretty low post-graduation. I had been slowly building it up over the summer, but working on minimum wage can only boost it so much, even if I’m not paying rent. I was trying to save for a car, but I knew I didn’t have enough, even for a used car. (Who decided cars were so expensive, anyway?) I had been planning on taking the bus to whatever job I landed in GR, and was hoping that it wasn’t too far. It was not a very good plan.

I had also been applying for jobs in Grand Rapids, several at Cornerstone. I worked with the admissions and alumni relations office while I was a student, and I loved it. I loved being a part of Cornerstone’s mission, and I wanted so desperately to continue working there. But, even after applying for three different positions at Cornerstone, in both offices I had worked in prior, I heard nothing back.

But lo and behold, a job falls into my lap (literally) that doesn’t require me to have transportation. It pays well and I can work from home, thus avoiding car costs, including gas and insurance and helping me save for the future.

God knew exactly what He had in store for me this summer. He knew I needed to come home so I could accept this job offer. Even though I wanted so desperately to avoid home, He knew this was what He wanted for me and what I needed.

So when the Lord opens a door, He does it for a reason. And when he closes doors, He does that for a reason, too.

No, this job I have isn’t at Cornerstone. He shut that door. (At least for now.)

No, this isn’t my dream job or something I’d want to do longterm.

But this is a job that I’ll be able to enjoy and learn a lot from. It’ll help build my experience and knowledge. It’s a job that I can potentially move up in and that may call for marketing and social media expertise in the future, which is what I love to do.

So when the Lord tells you to go home for the summer or quit your job or move to Missouri, listen. 

He’s got something wonderful in store for you.


In what ways have you seen the Lord working in your life?


4 thoughts on “Selecting the Graduated Plan

  1. Keep us updated on how it goes! Also, remember what you said here. I got to my job and knew it was from God. However, there are oh so many days where I don’t feel like this is really a gift from God (because I have bad days). It’s good to remember that confidence I had at the start and remind myself of that. …until God opens up something new.

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