Adulting– a lifestyle choice

Recently, there’s been this concept that has risen and taken control of the millennial mind:


Now, as a twenty year old college junior, I understand the struggle. The struggle to find the motivation to finish that 7 page paper, or to wake up at 6am for that eight-hour work shift. It’s hard as heck sometimes to accomplish everything that needs to be done in a day–make your bed, go to class, eat a nutritious lunch, finish that assignment that’s due in an hour, go to class again, have a meaningful one-on-one with a friend, go to a meeting for your on-campus club, somehow find time to eat dinner, hammer out some more homework, pick one of multiple events to attend so you don’t end up hibernating in your room, be friendly and personable at said event, go back to your room and get ready for bed, catch up with your roommate, suddenly remember you have a paper due at 11am tomorrow, go ham on said paper until 2am, probably sleep until you wake up at 7am the next morning to do it again.

It can be a vicious and tiring cycle. Often times, we’ll snooze the alarm clock eight times, mumbling to ourselves:

“I can’t adult today.”


Recently, I’ve really been struggling to find the motivation for anything. The week before spring break was especially difficult. Working two jobs and still trying to find time for school and friends was becoming really draining. I had five assignments due, and how many of them did I turn in? That’s right. Zero. I overslept in the mornings, then took naps throughout the afternoon. I missed work shifts and ignored event invites. I was the lowest I had been in a long time.

Luckily, I had lunch with a friend that Friday who was able to lighten my spirits and encourage me. But this whole situation made me think–why wasn’t I able to find the motivation prior to that lunch meeting? Why had I been feeling so gross?

And I had a revelation. For anyone who knows me, they would tell you that I get these quite often, but this was a revelation that completely changed my outlook on adulthood.

I’m an adult--whether I want to be or not.

Heading into the last week before finals, I am again overwhelmed by the amount of assignments due in such a short period of time. Just next week I have four presentations, both group and individual. One exam, three papers… Somehow the more you have due, the less motivation you seem to have. But I remembered my revelation, and I had a thought.

I am an adult, regardless–but I am still in control of how I respond to that.

Adulting is a state of mind, and idea.

Sometimes, we need to do things that we don’t want to. But you know what? It’s through these challenges and obstacles that we grow and learn. And it’s hard. It’s hard to find a balance between pushing to the finish line and pushing too hard.

But its not about being comfortable, it’s about being willing.

Willing to take a step in a new direction and be open to change. I know that it can be overwhelming and scary, but all great things start out a little bit scary.


So next time I hear the word adulting, I’ll smile. Because to me, that word means growth.

And I’m so ready for that.




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