Growing: Up and Out

CW: eating disorders For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with my weight and how I look. In middle school, I was convinced that I was fat and ugly, even though I was well within the healthy weight range for that age. I wore thick black sweaters and jeans on even the hottest …

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I have legitimate needs. I need to set up boundaries.

The Adventurous Life

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My recent discovery is that I have needs. Legitimate needs. And I need to make sure they get met.

On the one hand, your first thought might be, “Well, duh. Very insightful, girlfriend. Everyone has needs. For example, everyone needs water, food, love…” Or it could be the opposite, “‘Need’ is a very strong word. Most of what you think you need is really a want.” I would know; I’ve tended to ride these extremes.

However, the fact of the matter is that there is a middle ground–one that deserves our attention. Sometimes I inaccurately frame my “wants” as “needs.” But just as likely, I fear, I dismiss my sincere and legitimate “needs” as only selfish “wants.” And that isn’t fair to myself.

I, after all, am a princess of the True and living God, complete with needs deserving much more than flippant dismissal. I am worth…

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Help? Help.

I always used to pride myself in being self-sufficient. I didn't need anyone else. I could take care of myself. Most of this stemmed from my people-pleasing tendencies and my fear of being a burden. If I never imposed on others, then they would have no reason to dislike me, right? But about halfway through …

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